BBC Gaeilge

A new broadcast identity for an ancient language

Modern, inclusive and multilayered, BBC Northern Ireland has been producing Irish language content since1981across a range of media and genres. The corporation required a visual identity for the the BBC Gaeilge brand.

The aim was to create a contemporary look and feel for Irish language programming, one that avoided clich├ęs of Irish culture - green tones, Irish emblems, Celtic patterns etc. It needed to be clearly identifiable to local audiences and have the capacity to bring together all Irish language content under one clear and distinct identity. As with every other genre from BBC Northern Ireland, BBC Gaeilge is focused on high quality and original content. The essence of the BBC Northern Ireland brand is to reflect the stories of our community. BBC Gaeilge embodies this ethos and exists in support of the wider BBC Northern Ireland commissioning vision to create a refreshing portfolio of content, reflective of life in Northern Ireland, serving a diverse range of audience tastes and interests.

The key brand values to which we were asked to respond were as follows: alive / outward-looking / passionate / contemporary / innovative / dedicated / local / down-to-earth / belonging / pride / heritage. The solution that we created lives comfortably within the family of BBC NI brands, is contemporary, flexible and provides a confident assertion of the BBC Gaelige personality in all media contexts.