Blue Horizon

Branding the new kid on the building block

Emerging property development company, Blue Horizon was seeking a brand to express their commitment to excellence in contemporary house construction.

The brand needed to set the company apart as one that is uniquely committed in its attention to detail and the quality of its craftsmanship and to communicate the sense that a Blue Horizon home is in line with contemporary needs and lifestyles. It also needed to be flexible enough to incorporate the different identities of a variety of Blue Horizon developments.

Through interviews, a brand audit and competitor analysis we identified the means by which the brand could help the company overcome the various challenges that confronted it in terms of how people might perceive this new kid on the building trade block, where everyone says they do “quality".

The brand that we created integrated logos, typography, colour, photography, illustration, pattern and tone of voice to build a brand with the same attention to detail with which Blue Horizon build their homes - for people who care about quality, finish, craftsmanship with no shortcuts and no compromises, just a little bit of extra thought and effort that turns good into excellent.