Derry City & Strabane District Council

Creating the best for the north west

The newly created Derry City and Strabane District Council was having a difficult time establishing a logo and identity that was acceptable across a broad range of stakeholders. AVB Brand were commissioned to solve the problem.

The logo and identity was needed to function across a wide variety of applications and alongside competitor brands (e.g. funders, sponsors, other service providers), in three languages and in a geographically diverse region. It was also required to be accessible in terms of readability and equality legislation. The logo needed to have longevity and to retain its relevance in years to come, avoiding literal reproductions of modern symbols (e.g. the Peace Bridge in Derry, the Tinnies in Strabane).

Research into public perceptions and expectations revealed modernity, aspiration, freshness and confidence were important qualities for the identity and that it should, as far as possible, also communicate something of the attractive, inclusive, dependable and entrepreneurial spirit of the region.

The final design combined the letters D and S to create a forward-thinking and progressive marque that is flexible enough to incorporate all aspects of the Council's work without being banal. It also can be utilized as a secondary device using a variety of colours appropriate to different contexts such as heritage, culture or corporate affairs.