Ulster University

A fresh look at a famous institution

In 2014 we won a contract to develop brand strategy and the creative development of corporate brand services for Ulster University.

The brand was required to have a transformational impact and be flexible enough to work across a huge range of formal and informal communications contexts. It needed to resonate with potential students in an increasingly competitive environment, satisfy competing internal and external agendas and work coherently across a variety of university departments.

Through site visits, interviews, workshops, audits and testing we established a comprehensive overview of the opinions and needs of the University's various stakeholders including staff, students, economic and social partners and the general public.

The brand that we created is a single point of clarity and one voice – albeit with many tones. It brings to life the values personalities and tones of voice that enables the University to communicate its ethos and connect to different types of audience. It generates a spirit for the new brand with a proposition that succinctly communicates the founding thought behind it and it establishes a new visual dynamic for the Ulster University that supports the perception of it as a leading international university.